Collecties van Hans Beers Hair Stage

Hieronder worden de trendcollecties getoond die wij de afgelopen jaren maakten. Net als een modehuis kan een hairstylist trendcollecties maken die het komende modebeeld (mede) gaan bepalen. Onze collecties worden wereldwijd in de vakbladen gepubliceerd. (Zie )

Collection OUTLAW - AW21

Collection UNDERGROUND - autumn/winter 2020

Collection BOLD - autumn 2020

Background information:

The BOLD collection by Hans Beers Hair Stage in Amsterdam is focused on the role that hair plays in someone’s life. Hans states that the ultimate shape of hair is no hair! And by “no hair” he means hair that is shaved to less than a millimeter.

BOLD was a fascinating project. It actually started with the wish of the model, Sharon, to have everything shaved completely off. Top stylist Hans Beers immediately saw the challenge in this request and informed the model that if she really wanted it, he would give her the clippers so she could shave the hair herself while he took the pictures.

The enthusiasm and excitement radiates from these images. It happened in next no time. Less than 1 millimeter of hair remained on her head.
Since creating a fade is quite the craftsmanship, Hans edited it a bit and then the make-up artist Annemieke Tip went to work. Her idea was to put some fake hair over her bald head. Besides being an all-round hairdresser, Hans also likes to be found behind the camera. He set up his own light for this shoot and did all the photography.

Thanks to the several prior special collaborations with Sharon, it came as no surprise that she can pose wonderfully and once again surpassed herself.
A Phoenix had risen, here stood a completely new figure, a creature from different times, with a radiance that leaves no one unmoved.

After the first session, the team decided to create a different look. As humble as the first variant was, as superior was the second. After Hans had edited the photos in black and white, a dose of mysticism was unmistakably added.
The shoot was wrapped up by placing a “tattoo” on Sharon’s neck, saying it all. “Human”. BOLD is a play on words. But it is indeed very daring. The BOLD collection was born.

Collection MULLETTIME - spring/summer 2020

Collection HAIRTATTOO - autumn/winter 2019

Collection MEANING - spring/summer 2019

Collection #MeToo - autumn/winter 2018

Being attractive doesn’t mean you are available to everyone
Women are not toys
Be beautiful, be proud and empower yourselves

“The people who have broken their silence on sexual assault and harassment span all races, all income classes, all occupations and virtually all corners of the globe.Their collective anger has spurred immediateand shocking results. For their influence on 2017, they are TIME’s Person of the Year.” (Time, Dec. 2017)

Collection INTROSPECTIVE spring/summer 2018

Collection HEROES spring/summer 2017

collectie BRÜCKE najaar/winter 2016

collectie SURVIVORS voorjaar/zomer 2016

collectie AUTONOMY najaar/winter 2015

collectie ELEMENTS voorjaar/zomer 2015

collectie JELLYFISH najaar/winter 2014

collectie RAW najaar/winter 2014